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Our first event at Chicagoland Speedway in July 2003, attracted 35 volunteers from 6 different churches, who enthusiastically served all weekend. We continue to serve the Speedway with many volunteers every year.


The 2020 race season marked Windy City Raceway Ministries (WCRM) 17th year of service at the 1.5-mile tri-oval Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois. Once again, dozens of volunteers from many Chicago-area churches joined the “the fastest ministry around” to serve during last year's race weekend. “2019 was another incredible year for WCRM!” “God is indeed moving in powerful ways and using WCRM for His glory.

WCRM volunteers assisted Chicagoland Speedway with numerous Guest Services positions.

As the largest sporting venue in the state of Illinois, Chicagoland Speedway hosts the most guests of any other venue during each race weekend.

NASCAR weekends are incredible opportunities for WCRM to serve the track, its guests and let them see what true Christian service. “Jesus' statement to his disciples in Matthew 9:37 that the ‘harvest is plentiful’ was as true then as it is right now for WCRM. God has laid out an incredible opportunity for us to serve the thousands of race fans who come each season.”Since beginning its service in 2003, WCRM has been able to expand its outreach with an extra location at the speedway.

The 30 ft. X 40 ft. main tent location was once again situated outside of the track, across from Champion Park, and close to the merchandise area, behind the grandstands. The other locations are inside both campgrounds. What most people do not realize is that WCRM is invited by the speedway to be part of NASCAR weekend. We assist the speedway in any way possible with guest services, trauma support, etc. and they in turn ask us to provide chapel services and other functions for their guests and employees. Among several other areas of service, WCRM once again provided handicap guests golf cart rides, distributed track information fan guides and provided cold water to employees who work outside. Inside the main tent location WCRM also held another successful NASCAR merchandise give-away

With over 75,000 guests visiting the speedway each day during a race weekend, items are bound to get lost - children as well. WCRM was able to assist the speedway in running the lost-and-found program out of the main tent location, as well as lending a hand with the speedway’s lost child program. Thankfully, WCRM is able to reunite children with their parents during race weekends. Being involved in so many aspects at the speedway during NASCAR weekend is a lot of work, but seeing children reunited with their parents, an employee thankful for a cold drink of water or an elderly guest being grateful for a ride on a hot day, is what makes our ministry worth doing. What an opportunity to be able to meet the physical needs of people and in turn possibly help them spiritually as a result. Another highlight of the season was the Sunday chapel services. WCRM once again provided chapel services on Sunday of each race weekend.

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