Windy City Raceway Ministries
Windy City Raceway Ministries

Windy City Raceway Ministries

Mission: To offer the racing community in the Greater Chicago area an opportunity to experience God’s love through guest services, worship and evangelism.

Purpose: To be of service to the race fans at Chicagoland Speedway, to share the love of Christ with the racing community, provide an opportunity for worship and fellowship, and present a local church connection for race fans.

Objective:To leverage the fan outreach program to turn a “contact” into a “connection”.

What is Raceway Ministries?

  • Raceway Ministries is a national organization of volunteers, who organize and execute fan outreach events at major racing venues in the United States.
What is Windy City Raceway Ministries?
  • The local organization that, as a member of NFRM, organizes and executes the fan outreach and guest services at Chicagoland Speedway and other race venues throughout greater Chicago.

Raceway Ministries Partners

  • Motor Racing Outreach (MRO)

þ MRO is an organization founded in 1988 by three drivers on the NASCAR circuit to minister in their unusual situation, as racers, and their families, are rarely able to attend "normal" church services.

þ MRO works with para-church organizations like Raceway Ministries to bring fan outreach to the racing venues each weekend.


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